Campbell Law Firm

Frequently Asked Questions About Initial Consultation

Q: If I meet with you, does that mean I have to file Bankruptcy?

A: No. At the consultation, we will only be providing you with information about your situation and your options.

Q: If I don't want to file Bankruptcy are there other options for me?

A: There are alternatives to Bankruptcy. Your options are based on your unique situation.

Q: Will anyone find out that I have met with your office?

A: No. Your consultation is CONFIDENTIAL.

Q: I am disabled. Does your facility have wheelchair access or accessible meeting arrangements?

A: Yes. We do have a wheelchair ramp located in our parking lot as well as we do have a downstairs conference room. When your consultation is scheduled, we will confirm if you would like for us to reserve this room for you.

Q: My spouse is not able to attend the consultation Will you still meet with me.

A: Yes. We will be more than glad to meet with you as long as you are fully aware of your household finances and are able to answer questions for both of you.

Q: Can I bring a friend, family member, pastor, accountant, or other professional with me?

A: Yes. We welcome individuals who can provide you with morale support or additional information which may help us understand your unique situation.

Q: I am not currently able to make the trip to your office, but need a consultation. Do you have additional options for consultations?

A: Yes. We are willing to provide an initial consultation by phone if needed. You would need to send a copy of the worksheets to our office prior to the consultation. You would need to have a copy of the worksheets in front of you during the consultation. You would call in to our office at the scheduled time.