Goals We Set For Our Clients

For every Client who comes to us for help with their financial problem, we set four goals.  Those goals are as follows:

1. Get out of the financial problems that you are in, which we call, “getting you out of  the muck”;

2. Stay out of the muck;

3. Have good credit again;

4. Have a vision for financial success in the future with peace, joy and happiness.

The first goal is extremely important and how we achieve it, i.e. getting out of the muck depends on the situation of the Client.  We always try to keep a Client out of bankruptcy, if at all possible.  Sometimes that is just not possible.  During our initial consultation, which is without charge, we will go over the Client’s history, going back to when things were going well financially and then bring it up to current time.  We also take a look at where the Client is financially, i.e., who and what the Client owes; what the Client owns, what the Client has as far as income and expenses.  This is true whether the Client is an individual, business, or a mixture of both.  A review of Client’s situation will begin the process of finding the option that is best suited for them.  The purpose of the option is to get the Client out of the muck.   

In order to keep from getting back into financial problems and to achieve the other goals: have good credit again and have a vision for financial success in the future, the Client needs to do three things:

1. Understand how to pull, review, read and make changes to credit reports, where necessary.  This must be done each year;

2. Have a full banking relationship with some bank that is not owed any money.  A full banking relationship would include a checking account, with a debit card, and a savings account;

3. Learn to establish and live on a no surprise budget.  

The apparent reasons why Clients get into financial problems are as numerous as the stars in the sky: divorce, personal injury, loss of a job and loss of a work supplier.  The actual reasons are the Client is overspending some (or a lot) and is not strictly budgeting.  It will be important for the Client, whether the Client is in business or not, to establish and live on a no surprise budget.  This will sometimes require projecting income and expenses.  

Oftentimes a Client comes to us and says they do not need credit in the future.  We point out that everyone needs credit.  They just need to know how to use it wisely.  

While a Client may come to us in what appears to be a hopeless situation, we help them look to the future and to achieve financial success.  We define financial success as:  owning your home, being debt free, having money in the bank, and being ready to retire.  Sometimes this needs to be adjusted depending upon the Client’s situation.  

We would also like to add:  have peace, joy and happiness.  Our experience is that the only way to have peace, joy and happiness is to have a faith that you practice in a faith filled community.